Electrical Wiring Services

Electrical Wiring – Issues and Safety Precautions

The electricity used in your home is likely considered pretty essential when it comes to living and working efficiently. However, it’s important to recognize that a professional should only repair or update the electrical system that runs throughout your walls. Hiring a licensed electrician for any electrical wiring services you may need to be completed ensures your home will remain safe.

Should you notice that your home may need electrical work done, there are some things you can do as a precaution until an electrician can be on-site to do a proper assessment. Electrical contractors in Toronto really can help you navigate any electrical issue, whether that be simple outlet replacements or dealing with outdated knob and tube wiring.

Tips for Keeping Safe Around Electrical Wiring

Even if your Toronto home doesn’t need full house electrical to rewire, chances are you’ll likely need a licensed electrician at some point. If you notice a burning smell in your home, have any outlets that are warm to the touch, or experience flickering lights or circuit issues, it’s time to reach out for help.

As you aim to learn more about what electrical wiring services you may need, here are some safety tips to always keep in mind when examining your wiring at home:

  • Have a detailed directory so you can turn off a circuit should the need arise.
  • Never put any other objects in an outlet when trying to detect an issue.
  • Avoid water at all times when around electrical wiring. Never touch or try repairing any electrical equipment which is live.
  • Replace frayed cords, damaged insulation, or broken plugs.
  • If you are looking into any electrical issue in your home, always turn off the main source at your electrical panel. As an added precaution, put up a sign on the panel so that nobody turns the power back on accidentally while you’re still investigating an issue.

If you notice an electrical issue in your home, the safest and smartest thing to do is to reach out to an electrical contractor in Toronto. Without proper training, you won’t be able to accurately deduce electrical issues. By trying to do it yourself, you run the risk of injury or damage to your home.

Electrical Wiring Services You Can Trust from Langstaff & Sloan

For 30 years, Langstaff & Sloan has been your trusted, licensed electrician serving Toronto, Etobicoke, and surrounding areas. Our team has extensive experience completing full-house electrical rewire projects, breaker panel upgrades, knob and tube replacement, and so much more. If you have any concerns about the electrical in your home, don’t try and tackle it on your own. We’d be happy to work with you and provide the support and service you need. Contact us today for your electrical wiring service needs.