Renovation Wiring

Electrical Wiring Services

Looking for someone you can trust with electrical wiring services in the Greater Toronto Area? Langstaff and Sloan can help with small projects such as replacing toggle light switches all the way to major projects like reinventing your space. No job is too big or too small for our team’s knowledge and experience.

Permits and Safety

Did you know that by law, virtually all electrical renovation work requires a permit? Many projects can only be performed by licensed residential and commercial electrical contractors in Toronto.

The safety of your family, property, and assets is our top priority. We always ensure that our electrical wiring services are fully compliant with the requirements and standards set out by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and the Canadian Electrical Code.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our team of residential and commercial electricians will help you understand all your electrical wiring services options. This helps you make informed decisions that achieve your needs and goals. If you are still in the planning phase, we can also help you custom-design the wiring infrastructure of your dream kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage, or any other space in your current or future home. Simply put, we will help bring your vision to life!

Electrical Wiring Techniques

At Langstaff and Sloan, we aim to provide seamless and safe electrical wiring services. We employ different techniques to ensure your needs are met.

1. Cleat Wiring

PVC insulated cables are used and fastened to the wall using porcelain, wood, or plastic cleats. These are inexpensive and suitable for temporary applications.

2. Casing and Capping Wiring

A cable runs through a wooded casing with parallel grooves that appear at regular intervals. The casing is fixed to walls and ceilings with screws and covered with a cap to protect the wires.

3. Batten Wiring

This is one of the most basic electrical wiring techniques used today. Insulated wires run through wooden battens. These are typically fixed on walls and ceilings using plugs or screws. It is a simple yet efficient wiring technique common in indoor installations.

4. Conduit Wiring

PVC cables are threaded through PVC or steel conduit pipes. Surface conduit wiring and concealed conduit wiring are two options depending on how the pipes run. Surface wiring is mainly used for industrial applications, while concealed wiring is for residential use.

Already Renovated? Call Us for a Second Look

Whether you renovated recently or years ago, it is best to contact a licensed electrical contractor in Toronto. This is to ensure the work done fulfills the requirements set out by the ESA and Canadian Electrical Code.

For your peace of mind and to avoid any potential issues with your insurance claims, let Langstaff and Sloan take a second look. We are more than happy to inspect your space and confirm in writing if everything is safe or if repairs are needed.

We are one of the most trusted and respected licensed residential and commercial electrical contractors in Toronto and throughout GTA and Ontario. Contact us today and learn more about our electrical wiring services!