Licensed Electricians & Electrical Contractors in Ontario

Electrical Contractors in Ontario

There are many aspects of a company that keep operations running – and your electrical system is a key one for powering your business. Your equipment and appliances rely on this system to run smoothly and without interruption. Slowdowns can hinder productivity and, ultimately, your bottom dollar.

Your electrical system is also a key factor contributing to safety in your business. It’s important that you don’t wait until an emergency happens to address electrical issues. You want to ensure you have a trusted source on your side for support with all your electrical needs.

In Toronto and the GTA, you can put your trust in Langstaff & Sloan. We offer a range of commercial services, which includes providing knob and tube rewiring, and more. Connect with us to discuss your company’s electrical needs and get an estimate.

Trust Langstaff & Sloan’s Expertise and Experience

For 30 years, Langstaff & Sloan has been operating as commercial contractors in Ontario. Our expertise and extensive experience in the electrical industry allow us to complete all jobs, no matter how big or small, with professional workmanship while always keeping safety top of mind.

As a result of our quality workmanship and positive reputation, we’ve been designated as one of four “Authorized Contractors” for Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. and provide a diverse range of services to both their commercial and residential clients.

Since your business space is such an important part of your overall success, it’s important to ensure that your electrical systems are always in good repair, in order to limit downtime or disruptions to productivity. As a trusted electrical contractor in Ontario, Langstaff & Sloan can help with any repair or maintenance needs that your business may have.

Why Choose Langstaff & Sloan as Your Electrical Contractors?

We offer a range of services to support the electrical needs of your business and address any safety concerns with your current electrical system. Whether you require system maintenance, upgrades, or a service call, we have your needs covered. This includes:

  • Providing knob and tube rewiring: At Langstaff & Sloan, this has been our specialty since 1996. Our team will work to place this wiring while taking ownership in the patching needed to repair the holes that are made as part of this project.
  • Upgrading electrical panels: This service may be required if your current panel can no longer keep up with your electrical needs or as part of a renovation. Our team will ensure you receive the proper upgrade based on your requirements.
  • Adding new lighting or retrofit lighting: Take advantage of progressive and cost-saving business benefits by installing new lighting and/or retrofitting your existing lighting. Learn more about Toronto retrofit lighting solutions.
  • Introducing sub metering: Connect with us if you’re looking to introduce individual metering in a high-rise apartment, condominium, or commercial building. We have experience in all aspects of this service so that you receive complete support.
  • Supporting your business with service calls: Connect with us for additional support. Our goal is to provide the best service at reasonable prices. We’ll work to troubleshoot, diagnose, and address your electrical concerns fast and efficiently.
  • Addressing commercial leasehold improvements: Our team will support your electrical needs when customizing a space to meet the requirements of a tenant. We’ll work to ensure the space is electrically safe, comfortable, and convenient.
  • Equipping your business with a standby generator: In the event of a power outage, a standby generator will help keep your business operational, your employes connected, and your communications lines open. Contact us to learn more about equipping your business with the reliability of a standby generator.

Don’t see the specific service you’re looking for? Reach out to our team to discuss your needs. Our hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. We’re happy to connect with you and provide quality electrical services for your business.

Electrical Outlet Repair OntarioElectrical Outlet Repair OntarioElectrical Outlet Repair Ontario

What to Expect From Professional Electrical Contractors in Ontario?

As experienced commercial electrical contractors, we know that unexpected issues can arise. As such, we’re committed to providing constant communication throughout all projects so that the work can still be completed as efficiently as possible. No matter what type of challenge, you can count on Langstaff & Sloan to step up and get the job done and done well.

Even the smallest businesses can require professional installation, repair, or maintenance of lighting fixtures, outlets, and electrical panels. As commercial contractors in Ontario offers licensed electrical services, we can support your electrical infrastructure whether you’re just starting out or if you have multiple locations that need support.

As certified and fully insured commercial electrical contractors in Ontario, we commit to:

  • Having our ESA/ECRA licence number visible.
  • Arranging for any required permits.
  • Ensuring that everyone on our team is qualified to perform the type of electrical work required.
  • Providing a Certificate of Inspection.
  • Providing references, as requested.
Electrical Outlet Repair Ontario

It’s important to note that only licensed electrical contractors have the legal authorization to do electrical work in Ontario. Electrical work can be dangerous. It has the potential to cause major loss or damage, including personal injury. As a commitment to keeping everyone safe, you should only ever allow electrical contractors with expertise, equipment, and training to complete any electrical work in your commercial setting.

How Commercial Electricians Can Support Your Business?

Electrical contractors in Ontario can provide various types of service and maintenance to help ensure the safety and efficiency of your commercial space. Below are just a few of the ways that a certified commercial electrician can support your business success.

  1. Quality commercial lighting. Good lighting is critical when it comes to creating a safe and inviting work environment.
  2. Adherence to electrical codes. Ensuring your commercial space is in compliance with all electrical codes supports everyone’s safety and protects your business from legal consequences.
  3. Handle electrical hazards. Being aware of and dealing with any electrical hazards on-site minimizes the risk of electrical fires and other electrical dangers.
  4. Supporting moves or renovations. A licensed commercial electrician can evaluate your electrical needs and work with you to get everything up and running as quickly and safely as possible.
  5. Installing network wiring. High-functioning network wiring systems are best created by a knowledgeable electrician that knows how to ensure you get the power and efficiency your business needs.
  6. Completing regular maintenance. It’s important to have your electrical work regularly inspected to ensure there’s no hazardous wear and tear. Regular maintenance will also help you prepare for upgrades, as required.

Hiring the right electrical contractors in Ontario can contribute to your overall business success. Not only can we assist you in times of trouble, but we’re also your support network when it comes to figuring out how to scale your business. A growing business may need more electrical infrastructure and we’re here to help you create a plan that enables your company to have the power you need to serve your customers.

Common Problems in Commercial Electrical Systems

From restaurants to retail spaces, professional offices to entertainment facilities, Langstaff & Sloan are the Toronto electricians you need to keep everything running safely and smoothly. Don’t underestimate how important electricity is for your business!

Even small electrical issues can be a sign of something more serious. Here are some of the most common electrical problems found in commercial buildings that you should be aware of:

• Flickering or dimming lights.
• Breakers tripping – a sign of an overloaded electrical system.
• Bad outlets.
• Not enough outlets to handle demand which can cause overheating.
• Unprotected wiring.
• Loose connections.
• Faulty installation.

If you notice any of these issues, give us a call right away to have an electrical evaluation completed. Leaving electrical issues unchecked will almost always lead to a bigger problem which can translate into significant downtime and lost productivity for your business.

Choose Langstaff & Sloan – Certified Electrical Contractors in Ontario

If you need a professional electrician in Toronto or Etobicoke for your next commercial project, Langstaff & Sloan has what it takes to handle all types of commercial service calls. From new and retrofit lighting to leasehold improvements, or sub-metering, our ability to diagnose and solve your electrical issues can result in improved health and safety, enhanced performance, and a noticeable reduction in energy and maintenance costs.

When you choose to work with Langstaff & Sloan, we’ll provide you with a detailed and itemized written quote. We’re also happy to follow up with you in a timely manner and answer any questions you may have. With vast experience working together with architects, general contractors, and other trades, you can count on our team to be a key component in the successful completion of your next project.

Ready to work with Langstaff & Sloan to make your space electrically safe, comfortable, and convenient? Take the first step and contact us to have your existing electrical system evaluated or tell us more about the electrical needs of your new construction project.