Electrician Repairing in Etobicoke

Langstaff & Sloan Service Upgrades

We represented Toronto Hydro as well as Etobicoke Hydro when these services were offered in programs to upgrade residential services and paid incrementally on your electricity bills. As a result, this is one of our major strengths due to high volume. Langstaff & Sloan Inc. can guide you through the entire process from arranging the Service Location layout with your Local Distribution Company, scheduling an isolation by your local utility, to scheduling the final inspection by E.S.A. (Electrical Safety Authority) and providing a copy of the Certificate of Inspection.

By choosing Langstaff and Sloan Inc. you can depend on a safe, professional, and well organized installation by a team of our well trained staff to complete the project and get your power restored with minimal inconvenience.

Electrical Outlet Repair, Toronto ON