Cloth/Rubber Wiring

If you have an older Toronto home, then you are probably pleased with the fact that your property’s value has risen dramatically in the last decade or so. However, there is an area of concern as well: the possibility that your home has cloth/rubber wiring. If this is the case, then it is very important that you have this wiring replaced by a licensed residential and commercial electrical contractors in Toronto.

About Cloth/Rubber Wiring

Cloth/rubber wiring was commonly used by residential and commercial electrical contractors in Toronto for new home construction in the 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s. Due to some significant risks (noted below), this type of residential wiring was replaced in the mid 1960s by more modern and safer plastic-coated wiring.

Risks of Cloth/Rubber Wiring

There are several significant risks of cloth/rubber wiring that all affected homeowners should be aware of. These include:

    • It predates temperature rating of electrical wires. Wires (and light fixtures) today are typically rated for 90 degree Celsius. The previous generation of wiring was 75 degree. Before that was 60 degree. Before that wires had no temperature rating. The rubberized cloth insulation is usually very brittle after a half century of use. Above light fixtures is typically the most compromised due to heat from bulbs.
    • It does not contain a bonding conductor. Proper grounding and bonding prevent shocks, but this wire predates bonding/grounding of all branch circuit wiring. Electrical shocks can lead to cardiac arrest, muscle, nerve and tissue destruction, thermal burns, falling, and other serious and potentially fatal injuries.

Selling Your House

Another important reason to replace cloth/rubber wiring is that if you put your home on the market, it is a foregone conclusion that prospective buyers will commission a home inspection and discover the above-noted risks and dangers. As such, they are likely to: not make an offer at all, make a below-market offer to offset the rewiring costs they would incur after purchase, or formally oblige you to replace the wiring by licensed residential and commercial electricians in Toronto prior to finalizing the deal. Regardless of the option they choose, you are much better off proactively solving the problem yourself, and turning your home’s wiring from a liability into an asset.

“Move old wire installed before the 1950s the wrong way and the rubber insulation cracks…”

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