Aluminum Wiring

From the late 1970’s until the early 1980’s many builders used Aluminum wiring in the construction of new homes and at the time it was a less expensive than copper and approved method of wiring a home. By the late 1980’s this practice of wiring in homes had become redundant therefore all the related devices in a home such as switches, receptacles, and light fixtures compatible to aluminum slowly began to be phased out. Fast forward to today and these devices with Aluminum rating are pretty much nonexistent and very expensive if available at all. This presents a very dangerous scenario as Copper rated devices are being installed in Aluminum wiring systems which can produce arcing at connection points and in extreme cases be the cause of a fire.

We can offer a solution whether it is:

  • Rewiring and Replacement of all Aluminum Wire, or
  • Check and Correct all accessible points of connection on your property in which all devices such as switches, receptacles, light fixtures, and junction boxes are opened and inspected for loose or improper connections and if necessary reconnected with copper wire tails linking the Aluminum wire with the approved joint compound and Wire Nut (connectors) to the copper rated devices.

On the completion of the job we will also arrange an E.S.A. Certificate of Inspection as well as a letter for your insurance company if needed.