Aluminum Wiring in Canada

Between the late 1970s to the early 1980s, electricians and other contractors used aluminum wiring in Ontario when constructing new homes. It was an approved home wiring method. Also, it was a more affordable option than copper.

By the late 1980s, this home wiring practice became obsolete. All related home devices compatible with aluminum were slowly phased out. Today, these devices with aluminum ratings are virtually non-existent. If at all available, they usually come overpriced.

The danger right now is copper rated devices are being installed in systems with aluminum wiring in Toronto. This can produce arcing at connection points. Worse yet, in extreme cases, it can even cause fires.

Aluminum Wiring Toronto

While that may be a complicated scenario, Langstaff and Sloan can offer expert solutions:

  1. Rewiring and replacement of residential aluminum wiring.
  2. Check and correct all accessible points of connection within your property.
  3. Open and inspect all devices for loose or improper connections
  4. Reconnect devices with copper wire tails
  5. Link the aluminum wire with approved joint compound and connectors to the copper rated devices

Once completed, we will arrange an E.S.A Certificate of Inspection for you. We can also provide a letter for your insurance company if needed.

Why Get Rid of Aluminum Wiring in Ontario?

According to the Canadian Standards Association, residential aluminum wires made before 1972 are 55 times more likely to cause fires and electrical failures. This type of wiring is a safety hazard compared to copper wiring. For this reason, many insurance companies refuse to cover properties with aluminum wiring in Toronto.

Get it Checked by Licensed Electricians

We often hear customers say they have never faced any issues with their wiring. With aluminum wiring in Toronto homes, you’ll never know when issues will arise. It is always better to be prepared instead of waiting for something to happen. Have your entire home assessed by certified electricians.

Calling An Electrician About Aluminum Wiring in Canada

It is always wise to be proactive. Call a technician when faced with any of these issues:

  • If power outlets or faceplates are unusually warm and release strange odours
  • Flickering lights
  • Unexpected static on your tv or radio
  • Smoke or sparks near your switches

How to Maintain Residential Aluminum Wiring?

It is important to keep your aluminum wiring in good condition. Ensure that they are regularly inspected by certified electricians.

Here is how aluminum wiring in Toronto naturally works:

  1. It heats up and expands when the current flows
  2. It cools down and contracts when not in use

This continuous process can lead to gaps forming in the wiring. This can later get exposed to air and increase the chances of catching fire.

Make sure your wiring is working properly by keeping an eye on:

  • Unusually warm switches
  • Bad odours
  • Sparks

During repairs on your aluminum wiring in Ontario, ask the electricians to provide a certificate for insurance purposes.

Experts in Aluminum Wiring Canada

Does your home need regular inspection? Looking for certified electricians in your area? Langstaff and Sloan are electrical contractors that can provide the help you need. We conduct residential aluminum wiring inspections that ensure your safety. Contact us today, and we’ll send our expert electricians to check on your aluminum wiring in Ontario!