Stand-By Generators

Power outages across the GTA and throughout Ontario are increasing in duration and frequency due to the combination of an aging, over-burdened infrastructure and an increase in severe weather events — everything from floods, hurricanes, and tornados in the summer, to blizzards, frigid cold, and ice storms in the winter. Fortunately, that is where a stand-by generator makes all the difference.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

A standby generator ensures in the event of a power outage that your business remains operational, your employees are connected, and your lines of communication stay open. Stand-by generators are also ideal for residential use and will keep the lights on and key appliances working until normal power is restored.

Other Benefits Of Stand-By Generators:

  • Sensor-based activation automatically switches the generator on when the main power supply cuts out and switches the generator back off when the power is restored.
  • You can choose the size and capacity of the generator that suits your business or residential needs, from small and basic portable systems to larger and more sophisticated systems that are fueled by natural gas or liquid propane, and designed for permanent installation by our team of licensed residential and commercial electrical contractors in Toronto.
  • To optimize efficiency and keep operational costs low, you can choose which essential systems or pieces of equipment/appliances are powered by the generator.

Long Lifespan

In addition, with proper regularly scheduled maintenance by our team of licensed residential and commercial electrical contractors in Toronto, a stand-by generator can last for several decades — which makes it a smart investment that easily pays for itself many times over.

To learn more about equipping your business or home with a quality assured, guaranteed and reliable stand-by generator — because it’s not a matter of if the power will go out in the years ahead, but how often and for how long — contact the Langstaff and Sloan team today. We are the GTA’s trusted source for residential and commercial electrical services!