Toronto Retrofit Lighting Solutions

Hiring licensed commercial electrical contractors in Toronto to install new lighting and/or retrofit your existing lightingis a smart and strategic way to reap progressive and cost-saving business benefits. These benefits include:

Measurably Reduce Energy and Maintenance Costs

Adding or switching to energy-efficient lighting such as LED can lower your energy consumption by up to 70 percent. Furthermore, LED bulbs last at least 25 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs, and since they generate much less heat than conventional incandescent bulbs, you’ll also reduce air conditioning costs in the summer.

Improve Performance

Crisp, clear LED lighting and other advanced lighting solutions do more than just reduce your utility bills: they can also boost worker output and performance. A study at Cornell University found that lighting system improvements alone can yield a three to five percent increase in employee productivity.

Improve Health and Safety

According to Health and Safety International Magazine, sufficient and appropriate lighting – which is lighting that minimizes or eliminates glare and shadows – reduces eye fatigue and headaches among workers. It also highlights safety hazards such as moving machinery and reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries resulting from momentary blindness (i.e. when eyes are forced to rapidly adjust to brighter or darker surroundings).

Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses that add and/or retrofit their lighting systems with more energy-efficient technology are demonstrating corporate social responsibility, which they can leverage in their marketing, advertising, and other customer acquisition and outreach efforts.

Increase Property Values

New and/or retrofit lighting can be a relatively low-cost way to increase property values. Research by Energy Star found that each dollar invested in energy-efficient lighting had the potential to increase asset value by as much as three dollars.


When installed by a licensed construction electrician (for new buildings) or commercial electrical contractor (for existing buildings), eligible energy-efficient lighting upgrades may also qualify for various incentives. For example, Hydro One’s Retrofit Program can be worth up to 50% of project costs, and the Small Business Lighting Program can be worth up to $2,000 in rebates.

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