Journeymen Electricians

Electrical System Design & Build Toronto, ON

Even if you find the “perfect” location for your business, chances are that changes will have to be made to the existing electrical system.  Allow Langstaff & Sloan Inc. to assist you in addressing all the changes necessary to make your office/warehouse electrically safe and convenient. Whether the scope of work is large enough to require a General Contractor, or simply a service call, you can expect the following professional assistance from our dedicated staff:

  • Direct communication with individuals on our project team.
  • Increased accountability without any “finger pointing” possibilities.
  • Single source situation as opposed to dealing with several entities such as designers, contractors, consultants, etc.
  • Value with one on one costing and decision making as opposed to having several bodies with fees attached involved in the process.

In choosing Langstaff & Sloan Inc. to Design and Build, the entire duration of your project will be handled at a personal level and all your needs and concerns can be dealt with immediately without any “Third Party” interference.