Leasehold Improvements

Even buildings with modern electrical installations can benefit from leasehold improvements. Allow Langstaff & Sloan Inc. to help you make your residential or commercial space not only electrically safe, but also comfortable and convenient. Let us evaluate the existing electrical system before you move your family or employees into your new space.

Here are some considerations to make when moving to a new location:

  • Is the lighting adequate? If not, you may want to add supplemental overhead lighting, or at least an extra outlet for a lamp.
  • Is network wiring present at computers, board rooms, server rooms, and anywhere else internet access is needed?
  • If you’re moving into a commercial space, does your workforce use fixed/assigned desks, or do you use hot-desking?
  • Related to the previous question: how much does your staff count fluctuate each day, due to factors like mobile workers?

Whether the scope of work is large enough to require a General Contractor, or simply a service call, you can expect the following professional assistance from our dedicated staff:

  • Timely communication during regular business hours, by staff ready to answer your calls and follow up in a timely manner.
  • Detailed and itemized written quotations to help you make the right decisions.
  • A teamwork attitude when coordinating with General Contractors and all other trades.
  • Experienced and complete Project Management.
  • Readily available communication and straight answers.

Building Electrical Installations

Have you found the elusive “perfect” location for your home and business? If so, congratulations! Identifying the ideal combination of distance, neighborhood, amenities, and structure is a delicate balancing act.

Let’s focus on the element of structure for a moment. Chances are that your new building’s electrical system will require some modifications in order to best suit your needs. In some cases, you may even need to make electrical changes in order to meet Ontario code. Langstaff & Sloan Inc are commercial electrical contractors in Toronto serving the communities across the GTA.

Knob & Tube Wiring

For over half a century, knob and tube wiring was North America’s de facto standard for electrical installations within buildings. Both knobs and tubes were constructed of ceramic, and served a variety of purposes:

  • Protecting wires as they passed through studs.
  • Allowing for changes in wire direction.
  • Adding structural support to longer runs of wire.

Knob and tube wiring isn’t a good choice for modern business installations and should be upgraded to a more modern electrical system. Some of the potential issues include insulation restrictions, insurance policy compliance, and higher servicing costs.

Another major drawback is the lack of a grounding conductor, sometimes called the “third prong.” Many modern appliances, such as computers, depend on this conductor and will not safely fit an outlet without a ground wire.

Leasehold Improvements From Langstaff & Sloan

The bright choice for all your leasehold improvement needs is to call Langstaff & Sloan – we are your trusted commercial electrical contractors in Toronto! We have years of experience with leasehold improvements and knob and tube wiring scenarios and will thoroughly inspect the electrical installation before advising you of your options. Contact us today to get started.

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