Knob-and-tube rewiring

Electrical Services: Comparing Knob-and-Tube Wiring With Modern Installations

As the electrical services industry advances, older homes will differ in the wiring when compared to newly built spaces. If you are following up on electrical installations for your recent new build, you may find there is less you need to worry about to proceed with adjustments. However, older properties can be difficult to maintain without the original service provider to account for previous installations. Getting to know the differences between knob-and-tube wiring and modern wiring will help you nurture your property to ensure its longevity.


The most obvious and dramatic difference in knob-and-tube wiring, when compared to modern wiring the ceramic element that defines this form of electrical installation.  These small, white pieces hold the electrical lines in place and offer minimal insulation.


Knob and tube wiring systems are considered less safe than modern wiring methods, and there are a few reasons why that may be.

  • Grounding: Modern wiring systems are grounded. This means if an electrical surge or shock passes through the wire, the system can bring that surge to the ground, instead of frying the equipment or electronics connected to it.
  • Temperature ratings: Modern wiring systems take advantage of cutting-edge fire-safe materials that are rated with high-temperature variants. This means modern electrical products are proven to be safer, despite frequent use. In addition, knob-and-tube wiring was invented prior to temperature rating tests, and therefore would likely not fare well if placed through trials.
  • Expert repairs: Modern electrical installations are easier for less experienced electricians to repair, as well. Knob-and-tube rewiring requires a high degree of skill, and experience that many new electricians may not possess.


Often, knob-and-tube wiring will not pass modern building code standards, while modern electrical wiring, when installed correctly, will. In addition, many knob-and-tube wiring systems are “grandfathered in,” which means older installations are not required to be brought up to code unless you plan on changing them all together. Once more, this also means you are unable to have knob-and-tube electrical services installed in the future. Thankfully, at Langstaff & Sloan our team of experts can safely remove and install any system from your business or home.


If you are a business owner or a homeowner, the safety of your property and your own personal liability are likely key topics of concern. Improperly maintained knob-and-tube wiring systems may leave you vulnerable to losses that could have been avoided through modern, regulated electrical services.


If you use knob-and-tube wiring within your office or residential space and require electrical services, contact Langstaff & Sloan today. Our professionals are experienced in the removal and servicing of dated installations, in addition to offering modern and green solutions. We take pride in having served the residential and commercial sectors of the GTA since 1991 and look forward to sharing our expertise with you.