Pot Lights

Why You Should Consider Installing Pot Lights

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Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your current home, pot lights can be a key element to add to your space. For over 29 years, Langstaff and Sloan have been one of the top choices for electrical contractors in Toronto due to our speciality electrical services, including the installation of pot lights. Here are the top four reasons you should consider installing pot lights in your home:

Modernize Your Space
Pot lights offer a clean and streamlined look to your home. While hanging lighting fixtures, table lamps, and floors lamps provide a more traditional look to a room, they tend to stick out. This is problematic in basements with low ceilings too. Pot lights, however, provide a sleeker style, which is popular in newer, modern-looking homes.

Make Your Space Look Larger
The ability for a pot light to ‘hide’ or ‘shrink’ into the ceiling is one of the strongest pros for installing this type of lighting in your home. Pot lights installed in the ceiling take up the least amount of space and provide the same, if not more, illumination in a room than other types of ceiling, floor, or table light fixtures. Pot lights help to open up spaces so they look and feel bigger.

Make Cleaning A Breeze
Cleaning a home can be a huge pain and absolutely exhausting, especially when the dust is involved. Lighting fixtures are no exception, as chandeliers and most ceiling lights attract cobwebs, and floor and table lamps are filled with dust. As pot lights take up little space in your room and are tucked away in the ceiling, no dusting is necessary.

Many Are Suitable For Wet Locations
Did you know that many types of pot lights are rated for wet locations? They are one of the few light fixtures that are suitable for shower areas. This makes them the perfect type of light fixture to install throughout a bathroom.

Langstaff And Sloan: Professional And Reliable Electrical Services in Toronto
Before purchasing any lighting components, it’s important to get advice from an experienced electrician to discuss what is needed to complete your space. As licensed electrical contractors servicing the Toronto area, we offer a variety of electrical services for our clients, including the installation of pot lights. For a quote, contact us or call Langstaff and Sloan at 416-503-2033.