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Why You Need To Replace Aluminum Wiring

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If your home was built in the 1970s or 1980s — or if a property that you plan to buy was built during this period — then there is a good chance that you need to tackle this issue: replacing the aluminium wiring.

The Dangers Of Aluminum Wiring

Why did electrical contractors in Ontario (and in other provinces and countries) use aluminum wiring in the past? Simply because it was cheaper than copper. However, it is now widely known that aluminum wiring can be dangerous. Here are some of the risks:

  • Aluminum wiring is much softer than copper wiring, which means that it is more likely to be broken, damaged, or cut.
  • Aluminum wiring can rust, which makes it less conductive than copper. This degrades the flow of electricity throughout the home.
  • Aluminum wiring expands when heated, which over time can result in connections becoming loose or burning out. In some cases, this can lead to an electrical fire.
  • Unlike copper wire, aluminium wiring can easily break when twisted. This is something many homeowners experience when they try to replace an old outlet or light fixture. Sometimes just gently tugging on the wire (to get some slack) will snap it off.

Replacing Your Aluminum Wiring is an Investment – Not An Expense

Some types of home repairs are extra expenses, such as fixing a clogged drain or a broken window. However, other types of home repairs are investments because they increase the overall value of the property — and hiring qualified residential or commercial contractors in Toronto to replace your aluminum wire with copper wiring is definitely an investment that will pay off and add value to your property.

If you choose to sell your home in the future, it is likely that one of the first questions that prospective buyers or a home inspector will want to know is whether the wiring is aluminum or copper. If it is the aluminum, then you can expect this to be reflected in a below-market offer. Or in some cases, prospective buyers may change their minds and focus on other properties where replacing the wiring is not an extra expense they’ll have to undertake themselves.

Insurance Considerations

Given the risks noted above, some insurance companies insist prior to a renewal that homeowners replace their aluminum wire with copper wire, or that their aluminum wiring is inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority (this is carried out by licensed residential or commercial contractors in Toronto, or your respective city if you live in Mississauga, Markham, etc.). Most insurance companies grandfather existing clients. New clients must rewire or “check and correct” all existing devices, junction boxes, and panels throughout the house.

Learn More About Safely Replacing Your Aluminum Wiring

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