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Why You Need Custom Home Wiring

One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a custom home — either new construction or a luxury renovation — is that there is always something special to appreciate; especially when guests arrive and explore for the first time. The custom home experience takes the concept of “pride of ownership” to a whole new level!

However, what is behind-the-scenes is just as important — or actually, when it comes to the functionality, performance, efficiency, security and safety of your custom home, it is even more important. And that is why custom home wiring by qualified, experienced and licensed residential and commercial electrical contractors in Toronto.

Here are some of the key areas they will focus on to help you get the most satisfaction and benefits from your dazzling one-of-a-kind custom home:

Your custom home may need to support a heavier load than a standard house due to the high number of outlets and receptacles. Custom home wiring ensures that your electrical system is ready and able to do the job 24/7/365.

Systems Automation
With standard homes, various systems are typically controlled independently and manually. However, with custom home wiring you can automate, integrate and central control across multiple systems, including HVAC, lighting (e.g. pot lights), access, media, security, and more.

Furniture Location
Residential and commercial electricians in Toronto will install outlets, lighting, switches and other electrical components that optimize your preferred furniture placement, and that take advantage of your custom home’s unique layout.

Exterior Lighting
The wiring for your custom home must also illuminate the exterior for safety and esthetics. Key aspects that experienced residential and commercial electrical contractors in Toronto will focus on include fixture types, placement, intensity, colour, landscaping, energy efficiency, and more.

Ensure that your family and belongings are always safe. Custom home wiring will support your comprehensive security system, including video recording and automatically contacting the police (or security company) if an intrusion is detected.

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