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Why A Professional Should Be the Only One to Upgrade Your Electric Panel

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As a homeowner, you hopefully only need to check your electrical panel box every once in a while. However, if you live in an older Toronto home, you may find yourself needing to pay more attention to your panel than you’d like. This is often a sign that it’s time for an electrical panel upgrades.

Having to complete an upgrade can come with a lot of questions, such as how much will it cost and how long it will take? Some even wonder if the repair is something they can take on themselves. Unfortunately, errors as a result of inexperienced electrical work can lead to injuries or fire. In order to understand why an electrical panel upgrade should only be done by a professional electrician, let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

Your Electrical Panel Box

The home electrical panel, which many also call a breaker panel, fuse box, or breaker box, is a metal box that holds all the circuit breakers or fuses that distribute power throughout a residential space. In most cases, your panel will be located out of sight in a basement, a garage, or a closet.

When everything is working correctly, you likely don’t think about an electrical panel upgrade at all, but when things aren’t working as they should, the electrical needs of your home becomes top of mind.

If you’ve been experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to think about a replacement:

  • Frequent breaker trips or blown fuses.
  • Insufficient power such as flickering lights.
  • Heat or subtle shock when you touch an appliance or outlet.

Prioritize Safety When It Comes to Your Home Electrical Panel

Think twice before you decide to DIY your electrical system. Not only can electrical work be very dangerous, but you’ll likely end up violating electrical standards and codes in the process. In addition, be aware that your homeowner’s insurance can become invalid if you don’t have electrical work completed by a licensed electrician.

An experienced Toronto electrician will be able to assess your current electrical panel box in order to recommend educated suggestions on how to update it while always ensuring it is safe and up to code. In addition to performing any upgrades or repairs, a professional electrician will also obtain any permits required before the work begins.

If you have any doubts about how your panel is functioning, reaching out to a qualified Toronto area electrician is the smart thing to do.

Trust Langstaff & Sloan – Your Toronto Area Electrical Experts

At Langstaff & Sloan, we care about whether or not your home is a safe space for your family. When you work with our licensed electricians, you can feel confident knowing that we’ll do everything we can to ensure your space is functional and up to code. To learn more about the electrical services we provide to the Toronto and Etobicoke areas, contact us. Let us give you peace of mind knowing that your electrical system is upgraded properly.