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How Do You Know it’s Time for a Full House Electrical Rewire?

If you have a feeling that something may be up with the electrical system in your Toronto home, you’re probably right. There are several clear signs that you may require full house electrical rewire, especially if you’ve been experiencing any problems with your home’s electricity regularly.

From blown fuses to unreliable outlets, the best place to start is to find electrical contractors in Ontario who can review your home and provide you with in-depth information on the state of your home’s electrical system and what repairs or rewiring should be completed.

Four Signs That Let You Know a Full House Electrical Rewire Is Necessary

As with anything in your home, over time, the electrical system will also experience wear and tear, especially if your wire is cloth insulated instead of plastic. If you own a home, at some point the wiring will likely eventually need repair. During home renovations is a great time to upgrade your electrical wiring or electrical panel, but you can do it any time and we can also patch the holes that may result from work done.

If you’ve noticed a few suspect things when it comes to the power in your house, it’s time to start taking notes. In particular, here are four signs to watch for that indicate calling a certified electrician is the right thing to do.

  1. Frayed Wiring: Wire typically wears down at the points of connection, especially in hotter locations like above light fixtures. As a result, connections can eventually become loose causing sparks, shocks, or burn marks around the area.
  2. Loose Outlets: If you try to plug something in and it is loosely held, this is a clear sign that the outlet should be repaired immediately and the wires checked for heat damage. This issue can cause bad connections which can lead to shocks or fires.
  3. Breaker Tripping: Basic breakers protect your wires and devices from overcurrent and short circuits. Arc-fault or GFCI breakers do that and more. When you ignore regular tripping, you are ignoring a hazard.
  4. Burning Smell: This is the last stage before the electrical fire. If you notice a burning smell or burn marks around any outlets or light switches, or anywhere in your home, your wires need some attention.

Electrical Contractors in Ontario Can Help Keep Your Home Safe

Did you know that the leading cause of house fires and electric shock is faulty wiring? As such, if you think your home may need electrical repair, it’s important to contact a professional electrician. Listening to their advice and recommendations will help ensure the safety of your home and your family.

Langstaff & Sloan can assist you with any wire replacement or repairs you need in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Even if you just need an inspection, we are ready and able to help you out. For almost thirty years, we’ve been working with homeowners as well as residential and commercial contractors to deliver certified electrical work you can trust. To find out more about our services, contact us.