Upgrade Electrical Systems with Commercial Contractors in Toronto

Upgrade your Building’s Electrical Systems with Help from Qualified Commercial Contractors in Toronto

Many businesses throughout the GTA are relying on insufficient — and in some cases, unsafe – electrical systems in order to power their devices, appliances, and equipment.

The gap between what these businesses have vs. what they need is often due to the fact that over the years, renovations have taken place to office and building layouts and materials, yet the underlying electrical system has remained the same — often because the system was not examined by licensed commercial contractors in Toronto.

Or just as problematic, the electrical needs of businesses have changed dramatically over the years — i.e. they need more power in more places — but the electrical system is not capable of shouldering the load at optimal levels. It is built for the past: not the present and future.

Signs & Symptoms

If your business is experiencing any of the following signs and symptoms, then it is clearly time to call qualified commercial contractors in Toronto to upgrade your electrical system now — not later:

  • The lights intermittently flicker.
  • Circuit breakers are constantly tripping and/or fuses are blowing (e.g. when someone plugs the lunch room coffee maker while someone else is using the microwave, etc.).
  • The panel box makes a strange “crackling” sound.
  • Electrical service conductors get hot.
Goals & Objectives

Even if your business is not experiencing any of the signs and symptoms noted above, you should upgrade your electrical system if you want to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • You need to protect your computers, equipment, devices and other assets with a dedicated circuit and/or a power surge arrestor.
  • You need additional outlets to eliminate the excessive use of power bars and/or extension cords.
  • You need additional three-pronged (grounded) outlets.
  • You require a 240v circuit to power heavy-duty equipment or appliances.

Your insurance company has instructed you to upgrade your system (e.g. installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or Arch Fault Circuit Interrupters, etc.).

Don’t Wait For A Renovation

If you’re planning on a renovation in the very near future, then tapping qualified commercial contractors in Toronto to (if necessary) upgrade your business’s electrical system is a smart move. However, you shouldn’t wait for a renovation to make these improvements. Getting the power you need and ensuring both safety and compliance should be your top priority.

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