Uncovering Some of The Most Common Problems in Commercial Electrical Systems

While they may not provide the same type of comfort as a home, it’s very important for commercial buildings to operate properly to keep everyone safe. Commercial electricians in Toronto are often called to handle various types of electrical issues that can affect productivity and profitability.

You may be tempted to try and handle your building’s electrical work on your own with a quick fix, but understand that nothing compares to hiring electrical contractors in Toronto to get the job done. Commercial buildings have a much more complicated electrical set up than an average home and you should rely on the expert skills and knowledge of an electrician to fix any issues your business might be having.

Hire Commercial Electricians in Toronto to Fix These Common Issues

Any electrical issues should never be ignored. Even simple problems like intermittent outlets can be a sign of something much more serious and could lead to an electrical fire. Licensed electricians in Toronto will be able to diagnose the problem, offer solutions and then ensure the work is done safely and up to code.

Here are some of the most common electrical problems in commercial buildings that mean you should call a professional electrician.

  • Flickering or dimming lights. If you’re experiencing this issue and replacing the bulbs doesn’t help, problems with your circuits might be the cause.
  • Breakers tripping. If your commercial space is using too much energy, it will cause your electrical system to overload which might start a fire. A good electrical contractor in Toronto will be able to determine if your space needs to add a circuit or needs to upgrade the electrical panel.
  • Bad outlets. Not only can outlets that don’t work lower productivity, but they can also be a sign that there is a poor circuit connection or excessive buildup of heat.
  • Unprotected wiring. Commercial spaces need to have secure and protected wiring to avoid running into issues with power supply. A qualified electrician in Toronto will be well versed in building regulations and be able to advise you how and where your wiring should be placed to protect it from tampering or being exposed to the elements.
  • Loose connections. These can occur over time or as a result of any renovation or repair in the building.
  • Faulty installation. If a professional electrician in Toronto is not used initially to install equipment and the required wiring, you’ll likely end up with electrical issues. If work is done without the know how to check for mistakes and problems, you’ll most likely end up calling an electrician to fix the errors.
  • Not enough outlets. Commercial spaces are busy spaces, and with the continued growth and use of technology, businesses need lots of outlets to support their work. Relying on power cords and extension cords is unsafe and is not a viable solution.

Langstaff & Sloan – Electricians in Toronto That Can Support Your Commercial Needs

Keeping commercial buildings running well means having the electrical work inspected regularly and any problems tended to by a reputable commercial electrician like Langstaff & Sloan. Our experienced and licensed electricians can help keep your employees and visitors safe while supporting what you need to maintain smooth operation each and every day. To find out more about how to ensure your commercial electrical system is set up to support your success, contact us.