Things to Know Before Buying a House with Aluminum Wiring

Things to Know Before Buying a House with Aluminum Wiring

If you’re in the midst of looking for a new house, chances are you’ll have to spend a bit of money making some changes to the home you purchase. For example, finding a house with aluminum wiring is not a reason not to purchase a home you love, but you will need to set aside some budget to have this outdated electrical fixture brought into the modern era.

The good news is that there are plenty of qualified Toronto electricians that can help you handle your aluminum electrical wiring. From undertaking a full rewire to pig tailing where required, there are options when it comes to updating your electrical system.

Here’s How to Handle House with Aluminum Wiring

Before you make any final decisions about purchasing a house with aluminum wiring, take a look at our helpful list of how to best handle the situation.

  1. If possible, ask for an electrical inspection to be completed before you purchase a home. This way, you’ll have an idea of how much work may need to be done and what the cost might be.
  2. Once you have a cost estimate, make a plan. Find out what updates or changes should be done right away and what can wait. This will help you better understand when the expenses will occur so you can budget accordingly.
  3. Investigate home insurance. Finding insurance may require you to complete a certain percentage of upgrades to eliminate the aluminum building wiring in your home. You need to be prepared to make some repair investment upfront and possibly be prepared to pay a higher insurance premium.
  4. Be prepared to create an organized file. Should you buy the home and undertake to update your aluminum electrical wiring, be ready to have all documents easily accessible so you can provide them to your insurance company. In addition, years down the line, should you choose to sell the home, prospective buyers may want the documentation that shows the aluminum wiring was updated by a licensed Toronto electrician.
Finding Toronto Electricians You Can Trust

If the home you want to purchase does have aluminum building wiring, make sure you have a licensed electrician complete an assessment even if the current homeowners assure you that everything is working just fine. Langstaff & Sloan has the knowledge and experience to safely update any outdated wiring and ensure everything is up to code. With a commitment to high-quality electrical work in Toronto, you can buy the home you want and then count on us to make it safe and functional for your family. Contact us today to learn more.