The Need for Knob and Tube Replacement

Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical System: The Need for Knob and Tube Replacement

In the early 1900s, knob and tube wiring was often used in residential housing. This type of wiring was popular up until the 1950s, but today it’s considered out of date. The reason being is that there are several issues that affect the safety of this type of wiring, making it important for you to consider knob and tube replacement in Toronto.

Not only will evaluating your wiring assess if it meets the electrical needs of your home, but it will help ensure your peace of mind. By investing in a safe, modern electrical system, you’re putting your family first and taking important steps to reduce the chance of electrical fires and/or damage caused by outdated wiring.

How Electrical Knob and Tube Replacement Supports Safety in Your Home

There are several key reasons why you want to consider replacing this outdated wiring. It features several dangers that you simply cannot overlook when it comes to the safety and efficiency of your home and family. This includes:

  • Age of the system: There is a big difference in the electricity consumption of homes today versus homes in the early 1900s. Running a modern home on outdated wiring can cause your system to become overloaded and pose a risk of electrical fires. Knob and tube replacement is highly recommended for residences today.
  • Absence of ground wire: There’s no ground wire that works to divert stray electricity away from the circuit and the frame of your house. In the event of poor insulation, which is common in knob and tube wiring after many years of use, the lack of ground wire increases the risk of shocks, short-circuiting, and even fires.
  • Exposed wires and insulation: The covering on the wires is made of rubber or cloth and can become brittle over time. This increases the risk of fire due to exposed wire. In addition, insulation is often installed over the wiring. This further increases the chance of fire because the extra layer of rubber or cloth insulation leaves little space for heat to dissipate.
  • Concerns with moisture: This type of wiring is not suitable for moist environments. In fact, exposing it to wet areas can be dangerous for your home and family with the possibility of shocking people nearby.
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