Prepare For Winter Storms With A Generator

Prepare For Winter Storms With A Generator

Our specialization is providing residential and commercial electrical services and not forecasting the weather. However, it’s a foregone conclusion that each year, the GTA will be hit by a few major winter storms that wreak havoc on the roads and force schools to close (which is a delight for students, but not for parents!).

And since there is no way to keep Old Man Winter from doing his work, homeowners and businesses across the area need to be prepared for when – not if – another major winter storm hits. That’s where a backup generator installed and maintained by licensed electrical contractors in Ontario makes all the difference.

Essentially, there are three key reasons why having a reliable backup generator should be considered a must-have item for winter preparedness.  Of course, that’s in addition to staples like a good show shovel, road salt, warm waterproof boots, and of course, plenty of hot chocolate to warm back up once it’s time to head back inside:

  1. A Generator Provides a Backup Heating Source

It’s Murphy’s Law at its worst: temperatures have plunged, the snow is flying fiercely, the skies look like they’re just getting started, and suddenly the power goes out. Unfortunately, battery-operated flashlights and radios won’t do anything to stop interior temperatures from falling well below comfortable levels, and likely into unhealthy levels.  Uninsulated pipes might even burst from the extreme cold. However, if you have a have a generator, then you can count on your family (or in a business environment, your employees and customers) staying safe and warm. Generators buy valuable time until power is restored at the source, or residential/commercial electrical services technicians make their way through the backlog and arrive on-site to fix the problem.

  1. A Generator Lets You Continue Using Essential Appliances

When the power goes out amid a harsh winter storm, it doesn’t just take your furnace offline – it also takes down essential appliances like your refrigerator. For prolonged blackouts, this could be quite costly if food spoils. With a generator, you can keep your refrigerator, oven, and other essential appliances working.

  1. A Generator Helps Keep Your Basement Dry

A major winter storm that knocks out the power will also take basement sump pumps offline, which can lead to serious and potentially catastrophic flooding.  A generator keeps your basement sump pump working and prevents this nightmare scenario from happening.

Don’t Wait For The Next Severe Weather Event

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