Knob and Tube Wiring – What If the Past Is Still Powering Your Home?

If you live in an older home, it’s possible that you still have at least some knob and tube electrical wiring. For Toronto homeowners that know it exists in their home but haven’t experienced any electrical issues, that still doesn’t mean there’s nothing to worry about.

One of the greatest knob and tube wiring concerns comes from the fact that it’s an outdated electrical system that creates safety hazards for homeowners. While this type of wiring stopped being installed by the 1960s, many homes have never been fully or properly updated.

Knob and Tube Wiring – Does My Older Home Really Need an Update?

If you’re not sure what knob and tube are, it’s an electrical system made of copper conductors, which are run through tubes and held in place with porcelain knobs. Also, there is no ground wire, which is a big difference in comparison to today’s modern electrical systems.

So, even though the older wiring system was created differently than what’s used today, why does that mean it’s no longer safe?

There are a few risks associated with knob and tube wiring systems. To start, remember the lack of ground wiring we mentioned? That means that this outdated system poses a high risk of electrical shock, damage to property, and even electrical fires.

Secondly, if you have any type of insulation near any knob and tube, this will also increase the risk of an electrical fire, as it traps heat over time. Not only are you putting your family at risk, but when it comes time to renew your home insurance, you may not be able to find a company willing to issue a policy. If you do find an insurer, the cost will likely be incredibly high.

If you have knob and tube wiring concerns, don’t try to tackle the project on your own. This older wiring is usually hidden behind walls and in difficult-to-see places. If your home was built between 1880 and 1955, consider having an electrician pay a visit to check for outdated wiring. Even if you’ve recently had a home inspection, they may not have been able to see it and wouldn’t necessarily have the electrical expertise to make a complete assessment.

Langstaff & Sloan: Knob and Tube Wiring Specialists in Toronto for Over 20 Years

If you do discover older unsafe wiring in your home, have a trained electrician evaluate the system. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can decide on a plan to update the electrical to ensure it’s as safe as possible. Since 1996, Langstaff & Sloan has been expertly removing knob and tubes in homes all across the GTA. We take ownership of the project, including patching to repair holes and ensure it gets done as efficiently as possible. To find out more about having your home’s electrical evaluated or how to get started, contact us.