Knob & Tube Wiring Removal: Give Your Home a New Lease on Life

Knob and Tube Wiring Removal: Give Your Home a New Lease on Life

There are many positive elements to be found in older homes, but unfortunately, knob and tube wiring isn’t one of them. If your Toronto home is currently wired with outdated electrical, it’s time to consider an update so that your home is as safe and functional as possible.

There are a lot of myths and facts about knob and tube wiring that can easily be found with an internet search. However, the simplest way to understand this older system is that it wasn’t created to safely power today’s homes. This outdated wiring system often can’t supply enough power to modern-day appliances. Investing in a rewire is a smart decision and one that will revitalize your entire living space.

The Benefits of Knob and Tube Wiring Removal

Up until about 70 years ago, knob and tube was the preferred method of wiring homes as it was low in cost and seemed to provide enough functionality for homeowners. However, we now know that over time the knobs and tubes used break down, leading to exposed wires. Over time, this outdated wiring system becomes a significant fire hazard that just isn’t safe for use today.

Again, the myths and facts about knob and tube wiring may lead you to believe that you can keep this older wiring system, but the reality is you’re putting your home at risk. In addition, it will likely be difficult to find home insurance with outdated wiring still in place. Replacing old wiring will give your Toronto home a new lease on life.

More specifically, here are some top benefits that make the effort and investment worth it:

  • A safer home for your family. Outdated electrical lacks ground wire, is inconsistent with moisture, and has likely been improperly modified over time. All of these issues make old wiring extremely dangerous.
  • An increase in the value of your property.
  • A chance to improve your home. A rewire project will allow you to install more outlets, add more lighting and ensure your home has all the power it needs to function efficiently.
Find Knob and Tube Wiring Removal Experts in Toronto

At Langstaff & Sloan, knob and tube wiring removal has been our specialty for the last 25 years. We have the knowledge and expertise to work with you and transform your home’s electrical into an updated, safe, and fully functional element of your home. From a detailed written quote to ensuring the completed project meets your expectations, we are the right team for the job. Ready to update the wiring in your home? Contact us to get started