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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System?

The concept of the home carries many connotations for different people. Home can be a shelter, a refuge, a place of warmth and light on a cold dark evening. However, when electrical systems age and begin to fail, the home can become a hazard.

As an electrician, construction is a crucial aspect of home safety. The National Fire Protection Association reported that nearly 50,000 home fires every year were attributable in part or whole to electrical failures or malfunctions.

Homeowners know that many components of their houses need upgrades and replacements over time. Roof shingles degrade due to heat, cold, and water; driveways settle and sink over the years; windows develop moldy caulking and become drafty. Even new homes benefit greatly from electrician construction. While your electrical system is less subject to the elements, it will still age and require inspection and maintenance.

Does Your Electrical System Need An Upgrade?

How do you know when your electrical system might need an upgrade? The best option is to call your residential and commercial electricians Toronto, but some signs of electrical aging are still readily noticeable to homeowners. Please review the below list and see whether any of these symptoms sound familiar.

  • Your house suffers from a shortage of outlets.
  • Breakers on your electrical panel are often tripping or fuse blowing.
  • Overhead lights dim noticeably when appliances are in use.
  • You can hear buzzing, either at the breaker panel or on individual circuits.
  • Large, high-draw appliances unexpectedly turn off.
  • You live in an older home that uses knob and tube wiring. While knob-and-tube is allowed under the electrical code, you should contact electrical contractors Ontario to regularly inspect and maintain the system.
  • Certain rooms or areas hold an unpleasant burning smell, even when no cooking appliances are in use.
  • Electrical outlets and/or switch plates feel warm to the touch.
  • You feel unexpected tingling or shocks when touching an appliance.

If you experience any of the above issues, be sure to contact Langstaff and Sloan, qualified electrician construction experts. We offer a whole-home assessment, which provides in-depth and accurate information about your home’s entire electrical system.

Insurance Benefits of Electrical Inspections

Beyond safety assurances, inspection or assessment can also provide cost savings in terms of insurance policies. Your insurance company is more likely to offer discounts if you can demonstrate that your electrical system has been inspected by licensed residential and commercial electricians in Toronto.

To learn more about our comprehensive whole-home assessment service, or to schedule an assessment, contact us today at 647.952.4422.