Electric Panel Upgrade

How to Know if Your Electrical Panel Is Out of Date and Needs an Update

Most Toronto home or commercial property owners typically leave their electrical panel alone, assuming its best not to mess with it. Thoughts of an electrical panel upgrade only seem to come when a breaker trips, a light flickers or worse.

Be aware that outdated or older electrical panels can be considered a significant fire hazard and that there are many benefits that come with completing an upgrade. Any electrical panel over 20 years old should be carefully checked.

Signs That You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

For those who are curious, the average electrical panel box can last between 20 to 40 years. Obviously, that’s a very wide range, but it really comes down to the quality of the panel that’s installed in the first place, the environment and the usage. Either way, around the 20 year mark, you’ll need to start having things checked to see if changing the electrical panel is something you need to consider.

If your home or business was built last century, you likely have an older electrical panel that would be considered out of date. However, regardless of the age of your home or business, here are some signs to look for that demonstrate an electrical panel upgrade needs to be in your future.

  • Rust on your electrical panel. This can indicate that your panel has been compromised and it’s best to have professional electrician replace it so that your home is safe and your electrical works as it should.
  • Obsolete electrical panel brands. Some brands no longer exist due to electrical fires thatoccurred because of flaws in manufacturing.
  • Circuit breakers shutting down frequently. When circuit breakers shut off, this can be resolved by having them replaced in some cases, but if the panel is out of date and they’reshutting down too often, the entire unit should be replaced.
  • Loose wires. Older electrical panels can have wires visible, but they should absolutely be neat and properly contained. If there are loose wires or everything is messy and jumbled, contact an electrician as soon as possible. Likely they’ll suggest that changing your electrical panel is the best option in order to clean things up and ensure your place has a safe and effective power source.

Do You Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade In Toronto?

Taking care of your residential or commercial electrical system is best done proactively. If you have any concerns about the electrical in your Toronto home or office, it’s best to reach out to a licensed electrician as soon as possible. The team at Langstaff & Sloan would be happy to book an electrical inspection with you to ensure that your panel is working properly and remains in good shape. To schedule one of our electrical services, contact us.