Everything You Need to Know About Residential EV Chargers

Everything You Need to Know About Residential EV Chargers

Electronic vehicles (EV) are becoming increasingly popular globally, as they are environmentally friendly. Investing in an at-home charging station is necessary to ensure your vehicle is charged and ready to use. If you’re not sure what kind of EV charging solution you’re looking for, or want more information to guide your decision, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about choosing a residential EV charger for your home, whether it’s a single or multi-tenant residence.

The Right Amount of Power

There is such thing as too much power when it comes to electric vehicle chargers. The output of a car charger is measured in kilowatts, and it determines how fast your EV can be charged. Depending on the maximum amount of power your vehicle can take in, as well as the power your house can provide both electrically and financially, the type of electric charger you choose may vary. Working closely with one of our electricians is an excellent way of determining the right choice.

Create Flexible Parking

Do you have a two-car garage, or do you commonly leave your vehicle in the driveway? Vehicle placement can factor into where you decide to install your electric car charger. However, we recommend that you choose a long-cord cable to offer flexibility, meaning a minimum of 20 feet. Instead of requiring your vehicle to be in a particular spot to charge, a long cable allows you to park wherever and still have access to your EV home charger.

Don’t Cut Corners and Skip Certifications

Many level 2 chargers are vetted by trusted, independent safety organizations, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Intertek (ETL). This ensures that they meet the safety standards and prevents any faulty accidents. It is important to note that many of the cheapest home car chargers do not go through these certifications, which increases the risk down the road.

Dumb vs. Smart Chargers

A dumb charger is an EV-specific plug socket that passes electricity through to your car. They are an EV fast charger that will charge continuously until you unplug them from your car. Smart chargers connect to your home Wi-Fi to provide data on electricity usage and your vehicle’s charging status. You can schedule charging times and limits, which unlocks a world of possibilities for energy conservation. Choosing the right electric car charger for your home is important

Single-Residence vs. Condo

Single-home residences have the convenience of installing an EV charger in the garage or at the side of the house. However, installing EV home chargers at a condo can be more difficult, as the amount of power available in an outside power source is finite. Begin by speaking with your landlord about your options, and then one of our expert electricians will help determine the best course of action for your EV chargers at home.

With Langstaff & Sloan, you’ll have peace of mind that your electrical system is in perfect order and your electric vehicle will be set up for success with the best EV charger. Since 1991, we have been providing homeowners with exceptional electrical services that keep your family and home safe and sound. Contact us today to talk to an expert electrician to learn more about EV chargers near you.