Enhance Energy Efficiency by Replacing Your Pot Lights

Enhance Energy Efficiency by Replacing Your Pot Lights

As a homeowner, you may eventually find yourself at a time when you may have to go through replacing pot lights in your house. This could be due to renovations, upgrades, repairs, or another reason. Lighting is key for safety and functionality in your home, so you’ll want to fully explore your options for replacements. Plus, they also look good. When you’re looking to turn your house into a home, every little bit is important—from the flooring to the décor you choose, to the lights that you install.

Recessed LED lights, also known as LED pot lights, are an option you don’t want to overlook. In addition to having a neat, streamlined look and being versatile for multiple locations in your home, they can help enhance energy efficiency.

If you’re looking to get these lights properly installed and working efficiently, trust the professionals at Langstaff & Sloan. We have the tools and expertise needed to ensure that every job we do gets done right the first time. Contact us today or keep reading to learn more!

Why Choose LED Pot Lights?

Older versions of pot lights had very hot bulbs that wasted energy as heat. Usually 5 – 10 times the energy for the same amount of light. The beam angles were typically too narrow, so they often had to have pivoting trims which were limiting too. The cans also had to be large enough to dissipate the heat generated by the bulbs. Different cans were needed for direct contact with insulation to avoid risk of fire. These huge cans also limit the locations of pot lights. Different trims were needed in damp locations like showers and they never looked the same as the other pot lights. Integrated led pot lights solve all these issues and provide better light in more colours and wider beam angles.

How Should You Replace Existing Pot Lights in Your Home?

Replacing and updating your existing lighting is not a task you want to undertake on your own. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as installing a new LED bulb in the old fixture. You’ll want to source a licensed electrician to undertake the replacement so that you can ensure it’s done correctly to support the safety and efficiency of your home. That’s where we come in.

If you’re ready to upgrade your existing pot lights with LEDs, connect with us at Langstaff & Sloan. Our electrical contractors serve the GTA, offering friendly, professional service that you can depend on. We offer written itemized quotes that include all the details and costs per project. We have your electrical needs covered when it comes to new installations, repairs, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

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