Electrical Construction in Ontario

At Langstaff & Sloan, our experienced and licensed electricians can handle all your Toronto area electrical construction needs. From assembling, wiring, and installing all electrical systems in a new home or building, to working on a renovation or restoration, you can count on us to complete the work while always keeping efficiency and safety in mind.

Whether you’re looking for electrical work related to light, heat, power, air-conditioning, automation, or refrigeration, we’ll work with the project team to ensure everything gets completed as it should and meets all required electrical codes. We’re capable of tackling even the most complex projects in the industry and always maintain the highest level of quality.


Why Hire an Ontario Electrical Construction Company

When you hire a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor, you can be confident that your projects will be completed in accordance with applicable laws, including the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. In addition, working with a professional electrical company in Toronto, like Langstaff & Sloan, means that you can also expect the work to be mindful of your time and money while knowing that quality workmanship will not be overlooked.

As electrical construction experts, we know how to work closely with construction managers, owners, architects, and engineers resulting in our work being focused, accurate and professional. Langstaff & Sloan works hard to ensure that our performance turns new customers into repeat customers.

How Professional Electrical Contractors Can Help

In addition to being able to expect high-quality work, choosing to hire an electrical company well experienced in electrical construction and maintenance means you’ll be getting a wide breadth of knowledge that can enable work to be completed in several areas such as:

  • Service upgrades and modifications on new construction or existing buildings.
  • Lighting analysis to provide various lighting options for your specific building requirements.
  • Building automation to control heating, A/C, ventilation, and lighting.
  • Custom electrical panels.
  • Solar panels.
  • Residential electrical design.
  • Hazardous location installations.
  • Maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.

At Langstaff & Sloan, we welcome the opportunity to hear about your projects, however unique, and can provide comprehensive solutions that fit within your project timeline and budget. With 30 years of experience and a commitment to continued learning, we can offer proven strategies to enhance your end results.

Find Electrical Contractors Near Me

Whether you’re working on a new construction project or have big plans for an existing building, working with a qualified electrician will absolutely enhance your success. The electrical wiring that runs through every home and every commercial building is critical when it comes to how well the space functions and, even more importantly, how safe it is.

If you’re looking for a trusted licensed electrical team in the Toronto and Etobicoke area, Langstaff & Sloan can help. Our team would be happy to learn more about your project and your electrical needs and then work with you to come up with a detailed plan that meets your expectations. We offer commercial and residential electrical services at competitive rates, making us your top choice for all electrical work, including green and innovative technologies.