Electric Panel Upgrade

Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Electrical Panel Upgrade?

There are many important elements in your house that allow your family to live safely and comfortably. One key item is your electrical panel. This metal box holds all the circuit breakers or fuses that distribute power throughout your home.

There are some instances, however, where a panel upgrade may be required. This may be due to changes in your home electricity needs, improved safety, and/or planning for growth. Let’s take a deeper dive into these scenarios before exploring the cost and homeowners’ insurance.

Why It May Be Time for a Breaker Panel Upgrade

Investing in electrical upgrades is not only a smart way to add value to your home in the GTA, but also essential for focusing on safety and preventing potential fire hazards. You may find yourself in one of these situations:

· Needing additional circuits: If you are tripping breakers/blowing fuses, then you likely need to add new circuits to remedy the problem. Sometimes an additional panel is sufficient. Electrical panels typically have a 20 – 40 year life expectancy. Sometimes adding circuits can require a larger electrical service. · Improving safety: Connect with a certified electrician as soon as possible if you notice a burning smell when using electricity; warm outlets, switches, or dimmers; or heat coming from your electrical panel are all warning signs. These problems only get worse and ultimately cause electrical failure or fire.

· Prepare your home for future growth: Addressing breaker panel upgrades will make you more prepared to expand your home or undertake renovations. If you need more outlets or are adding a new addition to your home, upgrades will make you more prepared for this growth.

The Cost of Panel Upgrades in Toronto

Understanding the cost of your upgrade involves taking a deeper dive into the breadth of the project as well as the time it will take to complete the work. As an example, it will take more time to install a new subpanel than it will to add more breakers. So, the average cost can vary from project to project. Connect with certified electricians to get an estimate. Licensed electricians will work to ensure your electrical panel is properly upgraded, so that your home electrical needs are safely addressed. With regards to homeowners’ insurance, it’s best to connect with your insurance agent or broker to discuss your coverage.

In the GTA, connect with Langstaff & Sloan Inc. for residential electrical services. We offer panel upgrades in Toronto and provide our clients with competitive rates. Reach out to us to discuss your needs and receive a written itemized quote that includes all the details and costs for your project. Learn more about electrical panel upgrades and contact us to get started.