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Difference Between Hiring a Professional vs Handyman to Maintain Electrical Services

If you have need of a maintenance electrician, you may wonder if you should instead hire a handyman. Some contracting companies in Toronto offer electrical services even though they don’t specialize in electrical work. Is it wise to choose one of these handymen to check up on your system? No. Here is what you may be sacrificing when you choose a handyman over a professional maintenance electrician.

Compromising On Safety

A general handyman doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to make safe adjustments to your electrical wiring. Even a journeyman electrician, who has all the necessary training, will be supervised by a master electrician who can offer their wisdom to guide them and provide necessary electrical services. A handyman simply can’t take care of your system properly, and an improper system is a fire risk; it could damage anything you have connected to it.

The repair and replacement costs of bad electrical services are much more than the cost of hiring an experienced electrician to look things over.

Warning Signs Go Unchecked

Without experience, a handyman can also miss warning signs that something is wrong with your electrical system. This defeats the purpose of maintenance which is, after all, about catching problems and keeping things running so that your business or household isn’t disturbed by electrical problems.

Only an experienced electrician can catch the little issues that could become major problems down the road.

Insurance Concerns

Does the handyman have the proper insurance or even the right license to work with your electrical system? If he or she doesn’t, you may be on the hook for any damages they cause. At Langstaff & Sloan, our insurance protects you in the rare case there is an accident. Why take the risk of having to pay for a handyman’s mistake?


Will a handyman arrive on time, clean up after themselves, or explain what they’ve done? One of the biggest differences between a professional maintenance electrician and a handyman is customer service. At Langstaff & Sloan, we communicate openly, maintain a professional environment, and work hard. You’ll find handymen who think they’re doing you a favor—and won’t treat you like a valued customer versus our staff who appreciate and value your business.

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We have journeymen electricians, supervised by highly experienced master electricians. You’ll find that our services are much better suited to your home or business needs than those offered by a general contracting company in Toronto. Contact us to receive a free estimate on your next project.