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Benefits Of Getting Your Electrical Panel Upgraded

Your electrical panel is arguably one of the most essential elements of your home. Not only is it responsible for bringing comfort and convenience in the form of electricity, but it also safely provides power throughout the entire house. However, eventually an electrical panel upgrade should be considered as over time the panel will become old or outdated.

Depending on your particular goals, you will have a range of options when it comes to completing an electrical panel upgrade. The average cost to upgrade an electrical panel in Toronto will certainly depend on whether you choose to add a few additional circuit breakers to the existing box, or expand the box with a subpanel. In order to ensure your needs are met, it’s best to consult with a professional electrical contractor like Langstaff & Sloan.

3 Reasons To Invest In An Electrical Panel Upgrade

Investing in electrical wiring services should be thought of as a great way to add more value to your Toronto or GTA home. When it comes to an electrical panel upgrade, the time it takes depends on what you’ve selected to do. Adding more breakers is usually pretty quick job, whereas installing a subpanel can take a few hours.

Regardless of what type of electrical wiring services you choose to enhance your electrical panel, the following benefits are worth the time and investment.

  1. Better electrical performance. If you’ve been dealing with lights flickering or breakers tripping for no apparent reason, you’ll be pleased when your electrical panel upgrade provides you with a more consistent energy supply.
  1. Improved safety. New electrical panels are designed with safety in mind and have come a long way. Panels built 30 years ago just don’t have the same safety protection. Did you know that overloading your electrical panel can is a major fire hazard? An upgrade to your electrical panel will resolve any dangerous issues, improve the safety of your home, and provide you with better peace of mind.
  1. Future growth. If you ever want to expand your home or complete a renovation, upgrading your panel will allow you to be better prepared to meet those needs. You’ll have much more options available once you upgrade, whether you want to add a new addition or just need a few more outlets added during a basement renovation.

As you can see, depending on your needs and your wants, an upgrade to your electrical system can vary quite a bit. If you’re curious about the average cost to upgrade an electrical panel, connect with us at Langstaff & Sloan. We’d be happy to set up a time to provide you with an estimate.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel?

If you’re interested in completing services upgrades, be sure to reach out to Langstaff & Sloan. Our team can guide you through the entire process right through to scheduling the final inspection by E.S.A. (Electrical Safety Authority). It is so important to select an electrical contractor that you can depend on, and who is committed to completing the work safely and professionally with minimal inconvenience. To find out more about working with Langstaff & Sloan, contact us.